VoxUkraine.org would like to increase trust to the Parliament and demonstrate people that fundamental changes are indeed happening. We want to show that the Rada is becoming more open and transparent as a new generation of politicians takes over. Even if not all MPs are of this “new generation”, the influcence of progressive elements in the Rada is already massive.

Thus, we suggest that every MP draws up a “report” about the results of her work during the first month in the Parliament. We will publicize these statements in social networks and on our website: www.radachallenge.org

This will signal to the public that there are MPs who are really working and that actions which cannot always be easily and immediately seen by citizens are made for the good of the country. On the other hand, this will signal to the Government, MPs who are still following the old rules, and international community that the Verkhovna Rada is changing from inside and this process is irreversible.

Reports can be sent to our mailboxes: voxukraine@gmail.com і radachallenge@gmail.com

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